Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paul McDonald Hates His Fans ...

Meredith and I were, and still are, HUGE fans of Paul McDonald. That smile, those moves ... How can you resist his charm? Unfortunately for Paul, his success seemed to be short-lived. Honestly, who listens to his music anyway? Well, this brings to my point ... That point being that Paul McDonald hates his fans ...


Let me explain. Once upon a time, Meredith and I worked at a wondrous place where we often shared photos and videos of our beloved Paul McDonald. Then, one day, while viewing his Web site, we came across an excellent "fan shirt" that was being sold. Credit cards in hand, we went about completing the necessary steps to purchase our very own shirts in honor of Paul. Sadly, we found that there were only size larges in stock. Being that neither Meredith or I are morbidly obese, you could imagine our disappointment.

This is the fabulous shirt! Please note that the shirt is an exact replica of the jacket Paul wore on American Idol (but not really).

Well, after the crushing blow of knowing that we would not be able to purchase and wear Paul Mcdonald's Grand Magnolias shirt, we decided to contact him on Facebook for more information/help. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the Facebook post and message I had sent to him. But< I believe I can reconstruct said message:

Sender: Super Awesome Chick Named Jan
PAUL! We think you are absolutely fabulous! My friend and I noticed that you are selling a spectacular Grand Magnolias t-shirt on your Web site - the one with the roses which looks identical to the jacket and shirt you wore on American Idol. Well, we were very saddened to find out that your site is sold out of small and medium sizes! When will these sizes be in stock? Could you please help us attain this fabulous shirt! We love you! (I don't remember if I put the "we love you" part in, but I very well could have) -Jan and Meredith

Well, we waited for a response. As months went by without word, we turned into empty shells of the vibrant young women we used to be. Much like the scene in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and like Bella Swan, we sat in our chairs depressed while watching the seasons pass us by ... (In a spinning motion nonetheless ... It was actually quite nauseating.)  

Just replace Edward with Paul Mcdonald and you get the idea..

Well, I followed up on the Facebook post with a friendly private message to Paul. Of course, like before, I never received a response.

Paul, it's not like I was asking you to go to Del Folgers for dinner or a date or anything! (Dinner at Del Folgers is only for Gilles Marini anyway ... long story, but if you keep following this blog, we may tell you about it one day). PAUL! I simply wanted to GIVE you money for a shirt that would give YOUR band advertisement. 

Maybe Paul hired assistants to run his Facebook page and Web site, who knows (probably). But, the one thing I do know is that Paul is responsible for the activities on that Facebook regardless. 

PAUL MCDONALD HATES HIS FANS! But, I don't want his stupid shirt anymore anyway. :P (Kidding, Paul ... call me ... maybe ... God, I hate that song)

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Meredith said...

Oh my God, I haven't laughed so hard in AGES. Good shit, Jan. Good shit ... especially loved the part about Del Foghers. Ha!
Now, we wait and see if it gets to Paul ...