Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hilary Duff: Facial Evolution

I remember when Hilary Duff became famous. I also remember when Lindsay Lohan made fun of her (probably as an offshoot over that whole "No, Aaron Carter is MY man" thing). Man, was Hilary "butt hurt." It seems like every time I see Hilary Duff, her face is different. We explore this phenomenon today.

Exhibit A: Untouched Flesh

Please note the round face and chin, and take a look at those teeth.

Exhibit B: Poop, Lindsay Lohan hurt my feelings!

Do I really have to point out the obvious chin implant? Weight loss will slim your face, slightly, but NOTHING like this!

"Hilary is fat and needs to do Pilates."-Lindsay Lohan

Exhibit C: WTF?

Is that Jenna Jameson?

"Lindsay Lohan is a used-up loser who needs to do nude scenes in movies and Playboy spreads in a desperate grab for attention." - Somebody Thinks You're Fat ...

Exhibit D: The Final Transformation

Does this person look anything like the person in the first photo? I rest my case.
Note: I love her scarf!

However, Now that I think about it, I don't think this is a Lindsay Lohan issue. I think this is a BIG SISTER issue. Think about it ... Hilary looks a lot like Haylie these days, not in a natural way, and that isn't the first time we've heard this story. Remember this little transformation?

I would be so pissed if I had a younger sister who did this to her face!

"I'm pretty now!"- Ashlee Simpson

After searching the Internet for answers about Hilary's facial transformation, I came up empty handed. There really is not a lot of information. So, my theory is this: Hilary Duff had plastic surgery to make herself look more like her sister, Haylie Duff. The tragedy in this is that I think most people can agree that Hilary was always the more attractive Duff ... if we disqualify cans of Duff beer from this race.

And she still is the most attractive Duff! Haylie looks like a f$cking horse!

A prize winning question: Why is Hilary Duff still famous? Any ideas?

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Jan said...

The real truth? Hilary saw Meredith, took a picture and then went and got her face done. I didn't see a resemblance before because I had not seen Hilary for awhile.. "Hilary would look like you if she lost 30 lbs and had facial reconstruction.." weird, because that is exactly what she did...lol... Meredith is lacking the horse teeth however.. Gosh between the Walmart photo, and this comment, everybody is going to be all up and confused!

Meredith said...

Ha! Well, at least we know that it's only about 1,000 people or so who are confused. It's weird that Hilary would try to steal my mojo like that ... :)

Anonymous said...

So sad! She was adorable before! Too much pressure on these young girls.

Jan said...

Yes, the pressure is very high. However, when I see beautiful celebrities go under the knife, it makes me feel better about myself. To be that beautiful and to still want to surgically change your appearance.. Crazy..