Thursday, November 3, 2011

Everybody hates Kim Kardashian

I'm not going to lie, we at Somebody Thinks You're Fat ... have been longtime Kardashian haters. Really, when you look at it in terms of simple common sense, what's not to hate? Not a single member of this family has any measure of traditional talent (unless you want to argue the merits of brother Rob's dancing skills ... which are quite debatable). Yet, they go home to a Scrooge McDuck-like pile of money to roll around in and throw in the air while the rest of us chant, "Please sir, I want some more," to our shitty economy.

Thus far, Kim, the most famous of the KarTRASHians, has been able to not only survive, but thrive in the face of her bad decisions. (Don't think we forgot that sex tape. As much as we would like to, we didn't.)

But, it appears this time she may have actually gone too far. Don't mess with the institution of marriage, Kim. America is all over that shit. In fact, the people of this nation love marriage so much that most states won't let loving, committed gay couples participate in it because of the ol' bullshit Moral Majority stand.

As fake as Kim's marriage, but not nearly as expensive ...

As such, the Internet is ablaze with people who are lining up to talk shit about Kim's desire to recast ... ahem, sorry (cough, cough) ... divorce her husband. God ... so many great comments. It's damn near impossible to choose one. So, let's go with mine:
"If Kim didn't want to marry Frankenstein, she should have found another way to make a quick 18 million dollars. May I suggest a sequel to that sex tape? Believe me, I don't want to see it, but, to date, it's the only evidence of where your real talents lie. HO ... IT ... UP, girlfriend!"

Keep feeding the firestorm, people. There's only one thing to say: "We don't need no water. Let the mother f*cker burn!"

Hopefully, all the way to the ground.

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! I totally agree. I wish I could get paid millions to be a whore!!

KLEM said...

I really liked calling Mr. No-name "Frankenstein"!
Cute! Even your Momma would like it!