Saturday, November 12, 2011

ALYCE: Expert Movie Review by Jan


Some of the cast:
Writer/Directer: Jay Lee (Remember Zombie Strippers?)

Jane dornfeld as Alyce
Tamara Feldman as Carroll
James Duval as Vince
Eddie Rouse as Rex
Larry Cedar as Harrold
Yorgo Constantine as Warner

SUMMARY: Since I liked this movie, I found it hard to not spoil it while writing this summary. However, after looking at reviews online, I found that my review is no more in-depth then other reviews (sometimes less in-depth). So, don't fear! I will not spoil it for you!

The beginning of this movie is very typical and uneventful. It starts with two friends, Alyce and Carroll, going out on the town for some drinking and dancing. They end up having a pretty horrible night (Guys can be @ssholes!). So because of this "horrible night," they decide that they really need some narcotics to get themselves through the rest of the evening. One thing leads to another (Alyce is gay for Carroll), and they end up on the roof of Alyce's apartment. After scaring each other, and joking around for a few minutes, Carroll falls from the roof. Of course, anyone could have seen that plot change from a mile away.

Alyce on the left, and Carroll with her $hitty boyfriend.

The beginning starts off slow, and makes you wonder if you made yet another horrible movie choice. However, if you stick with Alyce, you will find that you made the right choice in the end. I thought the movie was a ghost story to begin with. But it is much, much, much, more then a ghost story (if it even is a ghost story). Alyce descends into madness at a shocking rate. And shows no physical remorse or restraint.

Jane Dornfeld, who plays Alyce, proves herself to be a very talented little actress. No matter what her character does, you still feel sympathy for her. Alyce is the only woman in the world who can carry a bloody baseball bat down the street without a second glance from onlookers. Personally, I think Jane Dornfeld's Alyce character put Natalie Portman's Black Swan character to shame. I hope for a battle royale between both characters in the near future.

On the other hand, Natalie makes "Crazy" look good!

Alyce: "Can I borrow these?"(points to ax and saw)
Super: "Sure, do you want some help?"
Alyce: "No, just disposing of a dead body, thanks though!"
Super: "Haha ok, have a good day!"

THE FINAL VERDICT: This movie is a must-see. It had me screaming, laughing and crying all at the same time. Be warned that it is not for the easily shaken. If lesbians, necrophilia, drugs, sex, and murder turn you away from a movie, then maybe you should take a pass on this one. But if you are interested in being entertained by a movie, for once (in the last year), then just close your eyes for those scenes, because it is totally worth it!

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Meredith said...

I guess I'll have to check this out. It will kick the sh!t out of Immortals, I'm sure.

Jan said...

It's good. Being an Indy Film, You can watch it online for free (legally) just google search "Alyce Movie," and there are a lot of sites who have it streaming.