Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Man, The Legend: Dr. Christian Troy

I never watched Nip Tuck when it was first airing on TV. I just never got into it. However, I recently spent about 3 months watching the entire series. Back-to-back episodes, every night. Naturally, I was addicted. One particular episode, season three, episode 11: Abby Mays, changed my life ... and pretty much captured the essence of Christian Troy more accurately than any other stand alone example.

A brief recap of said episode:

Sean clashes with Quentin after discovering his relationship with Julia as well as his affair with a married army corporal recuperating at McNamara/Troy. Christian, emotionally damaged after being left at the altar, takes advantage of a young woman with a severe lack of confidence about her looks and weight, sleeping with her but only after she wears a paper bag over her head. Meanwhile, Sean grows concerned over Matt's relationship with

The question on my mind is: Would you put the paper bag over YOUR head?

The point is that Christian is entertaining because he's a man whore, and boy, he has had some "Shameful Encounters" in his time. Well, for the most part, all of his encounters were pretty "shameful" ... and you can check some of them out at Shameful Encounters of Dr Christian Troy.

However, at Somebody Thinks You're Fat... we believe Julia was, in fact, Christian's most shameful encounter (She was his best friend's wife).

One of the aspects of Dr. Christian Troy, that I enjoyed (out of many), was his relationship with his steadyish girlfriend/wife, Kimber Henry. I loved Kimber. I thought she was one of the best characters on the show. When the final season came to a close, I was honestly more heartbroken by the fact that Kimber had died than by the fact that the series was over. (Lets face it, after season 3, the entire thing went to hell, not including the episode when Christian f&cked Gina off a roof, causing her to fall to her death. Now, that was an entertaining episode!) I would have liked to have watched Christian and Kimber "walk into the sunset" together.

Kimber Henry, the only woman alive that could possibly pull off that hairstyle

However, there was one recurring question throughout the series that was never really answered: Was Christian Troy, in fact, actually gay? He never seemed to be able to maintain a relationship with a woman for more than a few weeks or months. He also was obsessed with Julia McNamara, his best friend's wife/ex-wife, constantly wanting to be with her, only to cast her aside when he got what he wanted. And, of course, there were several episodes that either implied or straight-up stated questions about the nature of Christian's feelings for his business partner, Dr. Sean McNamara.

And what was up with that penis statue in his apartment?

Most people would say that Dr. Troy is straight. However, I'm not so sure about that. He found himself alone at the end of the series, hitting on yet another Kimber look-alike. Personally, I think Christian Troy was too f%cked up in the head to really love anyone other than himself. So, are you gay if you're narcissistic? That's the real question here.

Christian Troy, Quotes to live by:

Dr. Christian Troy: [to Gina] You want the wisdom to know the difference between what you can and can't change? Here's step 13: everything disappears. Love, trees, rocks, steel, plastic, human beings. None of us get out alive. Now you can huddle in a group and face it one day at a time, or you can be grateful that when your body rubs against somebody else's it explodes with enough pleasure to make you forget even for a minute that you're a walking pile of ashes. Now that is the truth. If you're strong it'll make you free, if you're weak, it'll make you... you.

Dr. Christian Troy: Well, you know what they say, "For every beautiful woman, there's a guy that's tired of screwing her."

Dr. Christian Troy: You´re beautiful, Mrs. Grubman. Unfortunately, we live in a world where only one kind of beauty is recognized. But I´m telling you, tonight, the way you worked that room, the way you flirted with those rich guys, batted your eyes and walked away with a $100,000 check for a cause that needs you that was beautiful to me.

Dr. Christian Troy: There's a difference between being a pussy and being respectful of fear. It's what reminds me to slide on a johnny hat every time I perform a slipindicktomy on a woman of questionable standards.

Some of the Cast:

Sean McNamaraDylan WalshAll Seasons
Christian TroyJulian McMahonAll Seasons
Julia McNamaraJoely RichardsonAll Seasons
Matt McNamaraJohn HensleyAll Seasons
Grace SantiagoValerie CruzSeason 1
Liz CruzRoma MaffiaSeasons 2-6 (Season 1, recurring)
Kimber HenryKelly CarlsonSeasons 3–6 (Seasons 1–2, recurring)
Gina RussoJessalyn GilsigSeason 3 (Seasons 1–2, recurring; 4–5, guest)
Quentin CostaBruno CamposSeason 3 (Season 2, guest)

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Meredith said...

I wouldn't put the paper bag over my head. I'd tactfully suggest that if he doesn't like my face, he could always put the bag over HIS head.
I don't think I'd have a problem, though. Did you see my photo on the Walmart post? Sexy!

Jan said...

I would ask for eye holes in the bag. That would be my only condition. Meredith , you would have to bring your cowboy gun and pistol with you. Lol

Anonymous said...

F--- it. I'd put the paper bag on if it meant a night with Dr. Troy!
Only one night though. He's not "relationship" material.

Jan said...

Agreed, he's a disaster