Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Reason to Hate Your Neighbor ...

While driving home from the airport this weekend, I stumbled upon this amazing sight:


YES, my friends, that is an alien spacecraft on top of someone's roof. I originally saw only the one spacecraft while driving past the house. I did not take a photo, but I really wished I had. Later, after speaking with Meredith about my "Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind," she suggested that I write a blog post about my experience.

As I previously stated, I did not take a photo when I saw the "craft." But, I figured someone else surely had taken a photo at some point and posted it on their blog (And, don't call me Shirley). So, after a short Google Image search, I found some photos of said "spacecraft" that is located in my state and town. Of course, I am only assuming that it is the same one, but I believe I am right in my assumption.

Maybe the owner of this house enjoyed this experience a little TOO much.

This is just another reason to hate your neighbor. I can imagine the owner of said house sitting in a La-Z-Boy recliner with his gut hanging out the bottom of a white, beer-stained t-shirt that has the phrase I Believe written across the front of it. He probably spends his free time scraping the remains of dead animals off the road, and then storing them in jars in his basement.

"I would go to the "Spaceship House" for a interview if I was not so sure I would be brutally murdered."-Me (Jan)

"Yeah, I really don't want to read somewhere that the cops found you dead, strung up next to the spaceship in a Princes Leia costume."-Meredith

We agreed that the interview would be a bad idea.

In the end, I hope the people next door do not have young, impressionable children!


Meredith said...

Seriously, girl, if you ever do take a picture of the "Spacecraft House," make sure you take it from a VERY safe distance.

Jan said...

I know!! Has anyone else seen any interesting "roof decorations?"