Friday, January 13, 2012

Jared Leto's Transformation, or the Long Road Which Leads to the Mullet

This is one of Jared Leto's modeling photos from his high school days. What a demure lady he was.

Since the reaction to our last post about Jared Leto received such excellent feedback, I thought I would continue to entertain Meredith's idea by doing a post based on Jared Leto's physical transformation throughout the years. However, keeping with the fashion of my "bipolar" writing technique, I could not help but recognize someone else's face in the slew of Jared Leto's earlier photos. That person is Amanda Peet.

Ok, so give it to me straight, are they related? Are Jared Leto and Amanda Peet long-lost siblings? Am I really this out of touch with pop culture?

I do not believe comparing Amanda Peet to Jared Leto is an insult to either party. They are both very beautiful in their own right. Jared's lips are a bit fuller with a slightly larger nose. Amanda's jaw is a tad bit more square then Jared's. Interesting...

Moving on ...

1992, Jared Leto cuts his locks off for "Camp Wilder." Girl, look at that body!

Jared looks pretty good at this stage in his career. Smooth move on the haircut, right on ...

In 1994, Jared appeared in "My So Called Life." He was much more beautiful than Claire Danes back then.

It seemed as though Jared had reverted a bit back to his shaggier and unkempt days. However, he does not look bad by any means ... Jordan Catalano was the hottest guy in school!

In 1998, Jared appeared in the movie "Urban Legend." Speaking of urban legends, have you heard the one about the badass chick who keeps hot celebrity men chained up in her basement?

This time he was sporting a much more polished and put-together look. Very late-90s, Jared.

Leto in "Requiem For a Dream"  in 2000 ... Prepare to spend an hour staring blankly at the wall after viewing. It's THAT depressing.

I believe Jared learned a lesson during this film. When you dye your hair a color that is too dark for your skin tone, eyeliner is a must!

In 2005, Jared's band, 30 Seconds To Mars, released their second album, "A Beautiful Lie." That video with the flying ninjas was pretty B.A.

Bring on the eyeliner and hair dye, because Jared is "hardcore" now ... And after a few years of the above look - which is not his best, but still acceptable - Jared bleached his hair and grew a mullet. Following said "white" mullet, this is the most recent photo I could find of him:

Yes, he looks like a f*cking idiot (note the mullet). This photo is from the GQ Man of The Year Awards in Berlin, Germany, held on October 31, 2011.

So, to recap: Jared Leto began his career looking like a woman. However, for a long time, he fit the mold and he looked like a normal guy who just happens to be smokin' hot. He took a walk on the wild side after that, with more than a few detours into crazy land. But, in the end (today), I think this guy just likes pushing the envelope! 


Meredith said...

Well, I gotta say ... I do prefer the mullet to the lead picture. However, lose the flowers, and we're in business!
Jordan Catalano 4ever! So dreamy ... OMG and LOL and all that jazz. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL for the Amanda Peet picture! They look like they could be sibs for sure.

Jan said...

I noticed that he appears to maybe be on Meth or something these days. He has lost a ton of weight..

Anonymous said...

I think the guyliner looks good on him.