Friday, January 20, 2012

Vertically Challenged Hollywood Hotties!

Celebrities often appear much taller on the big screen than they are in real life. I would like to take this time today to point out a few surprisingly, and sometimes disappointingly, short Hollywood stars.

Robert Downey Jr. : 5'7"

This one might not come as such a surprise. It's pretty well known that Robert had to wear platform shoes/heels while filming "Iron Man," because of Gwyneth Paltrow's "tall" stature  (She is only 5'8").

Additionally, is it just me, or has Robert Downey Jr. become increasingly more attractive with age?

Mark Wahlberg: 5'7"

I find this to be a HUGE shame! Mark appears so much taller on film. For the record, Steve Carell is  5'9".

Judy Garland: 4'11"

The always lovely Judy Garland was very short in stature! (I am pretty sure being 4'11" puts you in the "little people" category these days.)

Anne Hathaway, who also played Judy Garland in the "Get Happy" biopic, resembles Judy Garland. Bringing on more proof that classic beauty never goes out of style!

Zac Efron: 5'7"

Zac Efron's height is hilariously very controversial. I have seen people say he is 5'7", 5'8", and even go as far as saying he is 5'10". As far as I am concerned, the 5'7" came from somewhere ... I have seen it documented more often than the two other heights. So, I am going to go with the majority and say that he is in fact 5'7". This is unfortunate to some girls, as for me, I could really care less, being he is far too young for my taste. However, talk to me when I am in my thirties and I might think differently...

Justin Bieber: 5'5"

Yes, I know he is young, but in all reality, Justin is turning 18 this March. Growing up with a brother, I know for a fact that they gain the most of their height around 16-17 years of age. So I believe it is safe to say that he will not be pushing 5'10" anytime in the near future. Sorry Selena, but if it's any consolation, he is probably going to announce that he is a raging homosexual in the near future anyway. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I would simply like to see his young (and sometimes insane) fans crushed, bahaha.

These were just a few of the short celebrities that I found worth mentioning. It is interesting to see how much shorter or taller you assumed your favorite celebrities were. This is proof that you can become famous at any height. However, in reality, you probably shouldn't try to become a famous actor or actress. Most people who try to become famous end up living in trash cans or out of their own cars. And when I say "living out of their own cars," I don't mean like the singer/songwriter Jewel. I mean you are going to be living out of your car, as a talentless idiot, eating cat food out of a dumpster. So, stay in school kids ...


Meredith said...

With the exception of Judy, they're all taller than me. Boo!
I agree that Robert Downey Jr. is getting better looking as he gets older. Forget milk, drugs did his body good! :)
Just kidding, kids. Drugs are bad. I'd like to make that clear. BAD!

Anonymous said...

Salma Hayek is pretty short and she is a total hottie!