Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog of Note: The Jared Leto Hair Club.. for men ..and women

At Somebody Thinks You're Fat, and Everybody Hates You, we are MORE than aware that our readers LOVE Jared Leto. I happened to stumble upon this Tumblr page called The Jared Leto Hair Club. Like many of the other random sites I find online these days, I could not figure out how to contact the creator. All I know is that this site is one of the first pages to pop up when I search the name "Jared Leto." ( I was just seeing where we stand, I swear ...)

This man changes his hair more than any woman I know. He even had cornrows at one point. Did anyone know that? Cornrows! The pink mohawk he sported is probably my favorite. If you are in a rock band, you can never go wrong with a old-fashioned punk Mohawk. Unless the name of your band is Maroon 5 ...  Then, the mohawk is not really a good idea ... So, if your bored, check out some Jared Leto hair fashions!


Fear Street said...

I miss Jared Leto's "My So Called Life" days...

LOVING this blog!

Jan said...

Yes! I do 2! I am glad you are enjoying the blog! Thanks!