Thursday, January 5, 2012

My New Dream Job: Headline Writer for US Weekly

Okay, extremely inappropriate name-calling aside, was it a secret that Russell Brand is kinda nuts?
I thought Katy - and the general population of the world - knew this already. 

So, this is what US Weekly is putting out on the newsstands regarding the first entry in Celebrity Divorce Derby 2012. Seriously, how has this magazine not been sued to kingdom come for libel? "Married to a Crazy Man" ... as a HEADLINE?!?! I'll bet my ol' professors from the journalism department of my alma mater are having a field day with this right now. It's not even in quotation marks, meaning that nobody in the story actually spoke these words. The magazine itself is putting it out there ... and they sure are going balls-out with it. 

Okay, the dude might be full-on, insane-in-the-membrane cray-cray. We can all entertain that possibility, as his taste in pants certainly points to that conclusion. But, even if someone has been hauled off to the happy house in a straight jacket before your very eyes, you probably shouldn't call that person a "crazy man" in a headline unless you're willing to risk a major lawsuit. 

It's honestly no different than writing "Married to a Mother F%cker" on the front of your magazine. I'd be willing to bet that Russell might have once slept with a woman who had given birth at some point prior to their tryst, but that doesn't mean that it's appropriate to label him as a mother f%cker on the cover of a national publication. 

This is so hilariously brazen, that ... for a moment ... I thought it was an entry for our magazine cover contest. I'm not gonna lie, it would have had a good shot at winning if it was a reader entry. 

Essentially, what this cover teaches us is that is libel is kosher now, and that there is a copy editor somewhere out there who is getting paid for writing outrageous, unfounded sh!t that involves calling people ridiculous names. Hmmm ... well, I think that sounds like the perfect job for moi. The entries of this blog prove that I can sling sh!t with the best of 'em. Hire me, US Weekly! And hire Jan, too!

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Jan said...

that really does look fake!

Meredith said...

I seriously thought it was another "Taylor Lautner" cover, but this one is actually on their Web site. I can't believe they're going for it.

Anonymous said...

he looks crazy in the pic..

Anonymous said...

Trash magazines are so funny! I always get a good laugh reading them. By the way, I hate Katy Perry's new hair.

Jan said...

Yes, it is a serious make-under for her..

Anonymous said...

I read that Katy wouldn't quit wildly drinking, and he's a recovering alcoholic. That would be a huge problem in any marriage.