Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog of Note: Some Ugly

While searching the Internet, I stumbled upon this little gift to humanity! Some Ugly Baby

Why do I love this blog?
Once upon a time, I had a Facebook "friend" who had just had a baby. She posted photos upon photos of it in a diaper, wearing a baby-size tie. Now, I thought this was absolutely ridiculous. Was the baby going to be a Chippendale's dancer?(Well, I guess the tie would have to be a bow-tie) Honestly, what is the point in posting 50 pictures of your baby dressed this way? I kept quiet, you know me ;). Eventually, I came to find that she was, in fact, entering her son into some Gerber "baby modeling" contest. She posted dozens among dozens of status updates. Followed by her begging for people to go vote for her child. Meanwhile, I was atempting to ignore these posts. Until one day, I noticed she started talking smack about the other babies in the competition.

"Omg, how is number 45 doing so well, he is so ugly"

In result to this madness, I replied with some harsh words. Later I found, not regrettably, that we were no longer Facebook "friends."

So, what is my point?
Now, I realize that it is ok to laugh at someone's baby or belly photos. Additionally, I used to think that having negative feelings towards "parenthood vanity," would somehow make me a bad parent. I believed that all women should think all babies are beautiful (I don't). Some Ugly Baby is a great outlet for making fun of babies and the people who birth them. I particularly like the "Ugly In-Utero," photos. Honestly, the commentary is too funny to pass up!

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Meredith said...

Yeah, nothing makes me happier than being forced to look at 525 Facebook photos of someone's baby dressed up as a sunflower.