Friday, August 3, 2012

The Olympics would be better without Hope Solo ... and her asshat comments

Recently, a poll stated that approximately 42 percent of Americans "couldn't care less about the Olympics." This stat is sorely disappointing to me, because I sure do love me some Olympics. It's the one magical time every four years when I sit down in front of the television to watch sports for five hours at a time. Seriously, I LOVE watching the Olympics, and of course, Team U.S.A. is where it's at. I'm even willing to overlook the general douchebaggery of LeBron James to root for him when he's representing the good ol' U.S. and A. And, we all know how Jan and I feel about LeBron James. 

So, if I'm willing to see past LeBron's flagrant ego, then I should be able to give just about anyone a pass, but wouldn't you know it ... a new villain has risen. And that villain is the lousy-excuse-for-a-Jennifer-Carpenter-lookalike Hope Solo, U.S. Women's soccer goalie.

Hope < Jennifer: Plus, even if Hope wasn't a total psycho hose beast, she could never match Jennifer's snappy dressing. 

Disclaimer: If you're one of those people who are constantly making excuses for Hope and her asshat antics because you love soccer or (cringe) think she's sexy, this is the part where you click back to, or whatever fan site you read. I have nothing for you, buddy. 

Okay, moving along ...

Now, the problems with Hope Solo, her ever-expanding sense of entitlement, and her inability to shut her stupid whore mouth long predate London 2012. In fact, she's been making bigger headlines for flapping her jaws than performing on the field ever since the 2007 World Cup, when she blasted U.S. Coach Greg Ryan for benching her in a loss against Brazil in favor of an older goalie with more experience. As a result, Hope did not play in the third-place match against Norway the following day.

After the very public and embarrassing fallout from this incident, Hope cleaned it up, for a bit. Then, she had the nerve to infiltrate one of my favorite television programs, Dancing With the Stars.

From the moves, to the costume, to the shocking outburst ... this was a catastrophic fail. 

After sexypants dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy publicly courted her as a partner, the two clashed repeatedly as she proved to be a mediocre dancer. Beyond that, she behaved like a over-entitled, petulant child when receiving feedback from the judging panel, leading to one of the show's most infamous outbursts by Maks (above, starting at 6:50) ... followed by yet another infamous incident where Maks shoved Hope during a group dance rehearsal for the show's Halloween special. Look, even though Hope sucks, I don't like it when men are violent toward women.

I repeat, no matter how much the woman sucks, it's not okay to slap her around. You hear me, Chris Brown? Do I need another repeater? But, I digress ...

So, why am I bringing up all these past incidents when Hope ran her big, stupid mouth? Well, she's at it again ... this time, on the biggest stage in the world for athletics, the Olympics. A few days ago, Hope took to her twitter page to eviscerate soccer analyst Brandi Chastain - who is an American sports icon, by the way - with a series of angry tweets about Brandi saying:

"It's too bad we can't have commentators who better represent the team and know more about the game. Lay off commentating about defending and goalkeeping until you get more educated. The game has changed from a decade ago."  - Hope Solo, via Twitter

The problem with these comments, of course, is that Brandi Chastain DOES know about the game, OBVIOUSLY, and was making perfectly valid comments ... Hope is just unable to absorb any kind of criticism, even the constructive kind. Brandi, for her part, took the high road, explaining that it is her job to cover women's soccer in a fair and balanced manner. Hope hasn't backed down from the comments, and why would she? After all, she's facing no disciplinary action this time, and that is the only time she ever shows remorse ... seriously, I've seen snot-nosed 5-year-olds with more integrity.

Brandi Chastain demonstrates the ONLY time I have ever applauded a woman for stripping in public.

It's just a shame that Hope is letting her ego eclipse the performance of the U.S. women's team. After her latest antics, again, she is all anyone is talking about ... not the fact that our team is kicking some serious ass out there. (Yes, I am fully aware that this post is contributing to that. Point already taken.) How selfish is that? It's not only totally against the entire concept of what it means to be a member of a team, it is a direct crotch-kick to the Olympic ideal. Come on, Hope. If even LeBron James can deflate his huge head for this, you should be able to lock it up, too. 

I totally thought he'd be a douche and refuse to wear the beret.
He looks more French than Tony Parker. 

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Jan Smith said...

It's funny that you mention her ass-hat-ness, because I just read an article about how people with inflated egos tend to be better athletes... Interesting.. Doesn't make her any less of an ass- hat.