Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cher: Love Her or Hate Her.. I think she rocks!

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I don't care.. I love the song "Believe," and will always turn that beat up when I'm roll'n for hoes...

Cher has been out of the public spotlight for awhile now. I appreciate this. Why? Because instead of littering the public with useless crap (Crappy Music/Drama) like Madonna and Whitney Houston, (Oh, you do know she FINALLY died right?) she keeps a low profile personal life, which I believe  makes fan's appreciate her work more.

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In her early career Cher was a fashion trend-setter, popularizing long straight hair, bell-bottoms and an exposed midriff. She is noted as being the first woman to expose her bellybutton on television. Through her 1970s television shows she became a sex symbol and pushed the censors with her revealing outfits and creative ensembles, frequently designed by Bob Mackie. Of course, in the 80's she preferred to just simply scare the sh*t out of people with her fashions. Personally, even though I adore Lady GaGa, I think she could learn a thing or two about "give and take," when it comes to dressing like a complete weirdo...

Sorry, but there is nothing shocking about looking like a freak 24/7.. 

The most recent work Cher has done, as far as films are concerned, is the movie Burlesque. Now wait, I have not seen it, so I can't say if it was terrible or not. However, I do know it was the last time Christina Aguilera seemed to care about the way she looked (or felt for that matter). Cher and Aguilera contributed to the soundtrack album, with Aguilera contributing eight out of the ten songs with Cher taking the remaining two. The album was released in the USA on November 22, 2010. The song "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me", penned by Diane Warren and sung by Cher, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song in 2011. Someone is still rocking it...Am I wrong?

Cher may never agree with women "aging naturally," but I think the "non-traditional beauty," of her younger years, is a great self-esteem lifter for all women.


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