Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flowers For Valentine's Day? Let's get crafty...

The day after Valentine's Day I am left rushing into the dentist's office at 7am with a raging abscessed tooth. Yes, I blame the Conversation Hearts that I am addicted to beyond any form of intervention. However, with some antibiotics, and a lot of time on my hands, I have decided to write a post about Decoupage/Crafting.

Hopefully, all of you lovely ladies out there received flowers this year. If you received something better than flowers then poo on you..

Not only was I excited to receive flowers, I was excited to see the BA box that they came in! Look at all the opportunities!.. (I have a thing for repurposing boxes of all shapes and sizes) 

Over the last few days, I noticed that my cat has been a turbo a-hole by using the staircase as his personal scratching post. NOT COOL. I know of course, that his bad behavior is based off the fact that he just does not have enough to do around the house. However, I think it is completely reasonable that I avoid dishing out $200 for a kitty condo. Meredith has/had a cardboard cat house/bed that she purchased fairly cheap at the local grocery store, and this had me thinking. This flower box would be a perfect "Play House" for my cat! Now, if only I can make it not look like I simply forgot to take out the trash this week...

"SPLAT" I came up with this concoction..

Yea, it looks like crap, but recently I have developed a talent for Decoupage. Yes, a few days have gone by where I have threatened to Decoupage the entire house. In a nutshell, Decoupage basically consists of gluing paper onto objects. You can Decoupage just about anything..So after my cat seemed to approve of this concoction, I went ahead and started.

Here are the items you will need to Decoupage anything, some Mod Podge, a large brush, and scrap book paper of your choice. All of these items were purchased cheap at Walmart. Note: Mod Podge is water based so it comes off of all things very easily, but I still suggest to stay off the carpet.. Bad Idea Jan..

First ,you need to add a layer of Mod Podge to the item. I always put Mod Podge on both the item and the backside of the paper I am attaching to it. It is really tough to not get wrinkles and creases... it some takes practice.

Here is a piece of paper I attached as an example. You can see some wrinkles in the surface since I was trying to move fast with this project. After the paper is attached, go over the top with more Mod Podge. It will look as if you are painting white over the paper, but I assure you, it drys clear..

When you finish your item should appear like this box, unless you suck at life..

Well, I hope I have given you something to do if you are like me, sick at home. Here are some more links to help you become more informed if you choose to participate in this craft..Unfortunately, my "cat box" ended up looking like shyt and will be spending the rest of its days in a land field somewhere..

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