Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The 12 Hates of Christmas: No. 3, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been a county/pop singer for the last five years or so. Her album posters have adorned the bedrooms of many teens and adults alike. She has even, sadly and unsuccessfully, tried her hand at acting. Taylor Swift is a millionaire! She pretends like she is a 16-year-old so that people think "she is a prodigy and so mature for her age." Hello, people! Taylor Swift it 22 years old!

Did I mention that she is not talented?
When my cat is staring out the window, and he lets or a screeching/moaning sound, this sound reminds me of  Taylor Swift's voice. And the songs she "writes" remind me of children's music, blaring in a minivan.

I stand by my words when I say:

"Miley Cyrus is the only person who makes Taylor Swift look talented"

However, a quick 4-minute video can remind anyone how untalented Taylor Swift really is...

Did you see that? Taylor Swift raped Johnny Rzeznik, right there before your eyes...

Her personal life is a TRAIN WRECK.
Please bear in mind that Taylor Swift seems to attempt and fail at dating everyone in Hollywood. She was even stupid enough to date womanizer John Mayer. She wrote a song about how sh*tty of a girlfriend she was when it came to Taylor Lautner. TAYLOR LAUTNER is loved by all teenagers (most of her fan base). How could they forgive Taylor Swift for "throwing his flowers away." I'm not a huge Lautner fan, but come on, that was a d!ck move Taylor Swift, a d!ck move.

"But Taylor is so cute! How could you say those things about her?" 

I will tell you how! Please view the following comparison:

The resemblance is uncanny ...

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Meredith said...

Those eyebrows! Oh, those eyebrows!

Anonymous said...

Back to December is her only decent song. I wish it was about some other looser she dated, not Taylor L.

Anonymous said...

Taylor is not a very good singer, but I do think she seems nice.