Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 12 Hates of Christmas: No. 9, Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has her "try face" on while completing a triathlon.

Jennifer Lopez began her career as a dancer on the television show In Living Color. She then moved to film and got her first leading role in Selena. And as far as we are concerned, she should had stopped while she was ahead. Instead of gracefully leaving the spotlight she continued to prove herself to be the proverbial "jack of all trades-master at none." In the entertainment business, this is NOT a compliment.

Jennifer Lopez on "In Living Color." Hmmm ... she looks a lil' different now. 

This brings me to the point at hand..
Reasons we hate Jennifer Lopez:

Her movies are all horrible. Honestly, look at some of the movies she has been in, tell me differently.
U Turn
Out of Sight
The Wedding Planner (VOMIT!)
Angel Eyes
Enough (Mother of God, it was horrible)
Maid in Manhattan (VOMIT!)
Gigli (There are no words that can express how I feel about this movie.)
The Back-Up Plan (The last straw)

How did this not end both of their careers?

She "tries" to be an artist/singer/I don't know what. When she released her first album, On The 6, I had no idea who she was. The only thing I did know, at that time, was that she could not sing. "Waiting for Tonight" was catchy, I will give her that. However her music has always seemed mediocre. And I always had the feeling that all the "real" pop singers were giving Jennifer Lopez all of their "reject" songs. Unfortunately, nowadays, she seems to "collaborate" with popular artists.

Jennifer became an entrepreneur, creating her own clothing line, by killing and wearing animals. At the Los Angeles premiere of Monster-in-Law, more than 100 protesters from PETA held a demonstration to highlight their concerns. Also, did I mention her clothing is ugly?

Lopez has HORRIBLE taste in men, and I am sure she treats them horribly, given her track record. Here is a list of her "love" interests:

Ojani Noa
Sean Combs- Remember the gun possession incident?
Cris Judd
Ben Affleck- Bennifer..Vomit..
Marc Anthony

In Conclusion:
1. She is a horrible dancer.
2. She is a horrible actress.
3. She is horrible singer.
4. She is a horrible lover.
5. She is horrible on American Idol.
6. She has horrible taste in clothing.
7. She has a huge fat ass ...

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Anonymous said...

VOMIT is right! She is horrible!!!

Meredith said...

I get so tired of seeing her everywhere. Why can't she do what most women who are going through a divorce do?: Stay home in sweats and eat ice cream all day.

Laura said...

Man, girls who run in makeup and jewelry annoy me!